Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How to create a table in ABAP?

Step by Step Procedure to Create DDIC Tables 

Go to Tcode se11 and create table.  

In Delivery and Maintenance Tab Give Delivery Class and Maintenance.

In Fields Tab Create Fields.

Create  New Data element for the field by double clicking on the Data Element Name.

Create  New Domain  for the field by double clicking on the Domain Name.

Select Data Type  and No of Characters for the field as shown below.

After Selection Activate the Domain and Data Element as shown below.  




 After Field creation Give Technical Settings for the table  as shown below.



 Save the Technical Settings and return back to fields. 
Now after Technical Settings Activate the Table.  

Create Entries for the Table as shown below.  
 As it is procedure for remaining Fields....





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